Point of View Explanation

    In The Book Thief, Markus Zusak writes using first person point of view. The story is told from the first person view of Death. I like how he wrote this and I do not think the book would have been as good if Zusak told it from the point of view of Liesel or Max. With Death, readers can actually witness the severity and how many people died during that time of war. They also get to see the feelings of all the characters, such as Liesel, Rosa, Hans, Rudy, Max, etc. If it was told from the perspective of another main character, the audience would not receive the thoughts and the past experiences of all the other characters. However, if it was just told from third person or third person omniscient, readers would not get the commentary and powerful little injections into the story from Death. I like the way Zusak constructed it and I believe it was the best way to write the novel.