The Book Thief


Major Characters:
    • Death- Death is the narrator of the story, who has a dry sense of humor, but is actually very caring. He sees events and situations in descriptive colors. Death collects the souls of already dead bodies
    • Liesel- Liesel is a German girl whose mother and brother died, and then received Hans and Rosa as foster parents. She is the main character of the story and her story is followed by Death.

    • Rosa- Rosa is Liesel’s foster mother and the wife of Hans. She is shaped like a wardrobe and is tough on Liesel and Hans, but has a heart that loves them.

    • Hans- Hans is Liesel’s foster father and loves her and husband of Rosa. He plays the accordion and cares for and truly loves Liesel. Hans escaped death twice in WWI and WWII, but does not support Hitler.

    • Rudy- Rudy is the best friend of Liesel. He is a daring little boy with lemon yellow hair, five siblings, and a mind that hates Hitler. Him and Liesel are best friends, but he loves her as more and is constantly looking for a kiss from her, that he unfortunately never gets.

    • Max- Max is the Jew that Rosa, Hans, and Liesel hide in their basement. He becomes close with Liesel, but forces himself to leave 33 Himmel Street because he was putting them in too much danger. He leaves Liesel with his journal, but eventually comes back to see her.

Minor Characters:
    • Ilsa Hermann- Ilsa is the mayor’s wife who has spent over 30 years mourning her son who died in WWI. Liesel steals books from her library and Ilsa eventually gives Liesel a blank book to write in. Ilsa and her husband take Liesel in when her foster parents are killed.

    • Alex Steiner- Alex Steiner is Rudy’s father and was enlisted in the army when he refused to let Rudy be in the army. When he returns from fighting his family is dead, but he reopens his tailor shop and is kept company by Liesel.

    • Frau Hotzapfel- Frau Hotzapfel and Rosa have fought for a long time and she spit on the Hubermann’s doorstep, but decides to stop if Liesel comes and reads to her. She was devastated at the death of her one son, and then dies when her second son commits suicide.

    • Tommy Mueller- Tommy is a good friend of Rudy and has twitching and hearing problems. He is a helpless little boy and Rudy helps protect him.