Character Analysis- Rudy Steiner

    Rudy Steiner is one of the most lovable book characters I have ever seen. He feels love, he cares, and he is strong. He is a full grown man wrapped up in a tiny lemon-haired package of a boy. Rudy has such a pure heart. He cares for and protects Tommy Mueller because he cannot fight for himself. Rudy knows what Tommy goes through is unfair and stands up for him when he gets put down. One of Rudy’s most prominent characteristics throughout the whole book is his hate for Hitler. He hates Hitler and the Nazis because he knows that what they are doing is wrong and inhumane. The thing that I love the most about Rudy is his absolute love for Liesel. He has such a pure and undying love for her, that no matter how many times he gets disappointed he still keeps trying. I think that is one of the things Rudy lives by, to never give up and always stay true to you. Obviously he does not survive in the end, but along his life he touched the hearts and changed the minds of every person he met.

    As stated before, Rudy always sticks up for what he believes in. Whether it is his love for Liesel, his hatred for Hitler, or his strong morals, he never fails to stand up. In the novel, Rudy would have gone into the army when the Nazis recruited him if it was not for his father who took his place for Rudy. When he was little, Rudy loved Jesse Owens, so he painted himself with charcoal and ran to mimic his hero. He also ran and was so resolute in his goal to win at the Hitler Youth track meet just to prove to his enemy that he could beat anything. These demonstrate Rudy’s undying determination and his success in doing anything he puts his mind to. Although Rudy did not succeed in winning Liesel over in his lifetime, he still won her heart when he died and Liesel came over and kissed him. Rudy is such an inspirational character and lived so much older than he was.