Book Critique

    There are many lessons and themes included in The Book Thief, almost too many to choose just one. However, I believe one of the most prominent would be the theme of words. Mere words can alter a person’s mind, feelings, and entire life. This is how Hitler won over the brains of the German population, with his words. Hitler never fired a gun or flipped a gas switch, but because he used such powerful words, everyone did the work for him. In The Book Thief, Liesel uses her words wisely. She uses them to help make Max happier in the basement, writes letters to her Mama when she was abandoned, and even writes her own book. In her book she states, “I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them well.” Max also uses words to write his story, The Word Shaker, which describes how Hitler came to power using words, and how a little girl disobeys him using her words. Words are so influential and when used right, they can create infinite good, but when used wrongly, they can put a world in turmoil, such as in World War II.

    I loved The Book Thief. After reading it, this book has become one of my all time favorite novels. I think this story could be read repeatedly and readers would never get tired of it. It is one of those timeless classics, in which every time they are read something new can be retrieved out of it. The characters are enchanting and lovable, the story is heart-breaking and interesting, and the lessons are so substantial. I also learned a lot about how Germans saw the war from this novel. This book could be read by anyone from teenage years to adulthood. Anyone would love this novel because it’s not just another depressing, boring Holocaust book. It actually tells an intriguing story of the experiences of a German town that just happens to be taking place in World War II. I would not change anything about this book, except maybe some of Death’s little interjections were irrelevant. I truly believe this is one of the best books of all time and any person would love it as much as I do.